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What Are Pergolas, and What Are Their Benefits?

What Are Pergolas, and What Are Their Benefits? Posted on June 18, 2019Leave a comment


Pergolas were popular during the Italian Renaissance, and still are here in Australia, they are one of the most popular garden features. At its heart, pergolas are basic yet practical garden structures, composed of sturdy boards and crossbeams. Pergola can be used as a place that offers shade and privacy within your garden while enhancing your outdoor landscape.

A good pergola design should be fully functional to suit your lifestyle and needs, in addition to being low maintenance, affordable, and offer excellent sunshade and good privacy from the prying neighbours.

Pergolas can be made from metal or timber. Timber pergolas offer a natural look, texture, and feel, which many homeowners seek. Treated pine and hardwood are the most preferred though both require proper maintenance.

Metal pergolas, on the other hand, are composed of steel or aluminium that won’t rust and can be constructed quickly. The key benefit of metal pergolas is that they can cover a wide area with less structural support as compared to the timber pergolas.

The following are the benefits of adding a pergola to your outdoor space:

1. Adds a Design Element to Your Outdoor Space

One of the key benefits of adding a pergola to your garden is that it creates visual interest, especially if you have fragrant and flowering vines growing up. They lend plants a helping hand. You can dress up your pergola with some popular vines like grape vines, clematis, or even wisteria and improve its structural and architectural design. Moreover, you can drape it with all-weather fabrics to add a romantic appeal to your landscape.

2. Define Space

Another benefit of adding a pergola to your outdoor landscape is that it can help you determine your outdoor space. Since pergolas are airy and dry; this can be easily accomplished without making the area feel more confined. The foundation on which pergolas are installed is a deck, concrete pavers, or even brick flooring. When the foundation is combined with the beams and pillars of the pergola, you can further refine your outdoor landscape.

3. Come Pre-made or Manufactured

Pergolas come pre-made. All you have to do is bring one home and install. It can turn out to be a beautiful DIY project if you have the skill and proper tools; else a professional is always there to help. What this means is you don’t have to deal with designing a model. There are plenty of custom-made designs, and all you have to do is choose from the manufacturer’s catalogue.

4. Provides Shade

If you feel like hanging out in your garden reading a book or playing with your children, a pergola might help. Pergolas do provide shade. The spacing between the pillars and beams, including their sizing, will determine exactly how much shade is provided.

Pergolas are an excellent investment if you have ample open space in your house.

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