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WHAT ARE YOUR LEATHER LOUNGE OPTIONS Posted on August 18, 2022Leave a comment


Home furnishings play a key role in the overall feel of a household. Moreover, they are more than functional pieces, as they serve to tie up the aesthetics of the home’s interior. Therefore, it is no wonder many homeowners find it challenging to select the right furnishings- from lamps and tables to lounges.

This article aims to help you get a little unstuck from the predicament by presenting a likely option: the leather lounge. As a furnishing material, leather has numerous desirable qualities that offer significant advantages over time. However, the selection process is important as there are multiple options available. So, keep reading to learn how to select the right leather lounge for your home.

Step 1: Examine the Quality

Opting for high-quality leather when choosing a suitable leather lounge is important. Therefore, in this case, the first step is understanding that not all leather is the same. There are different types of leather-based on the part of cowhide used in their manufacture. So, the types used in furniture making differ from those geared toward other purposes.

The best furniture leather comes from top-grain leather because it comes from the outermost layer of the hide, which may contain some markings—the leather variety changes to full top grain when these defects are absent.

Step 2:Choosing the Right Colour

This part calls for you to consider your room’s décor theme and aesthetic before selecting a colour that will deliver a nice contrast and enable your lounge to stand out.

On the other hand, your selection shouldn’t get dirty quickly, particularly if you have children and pets.

The colour of your leather lounge can evoke a specific feel. For example, black and brown leather creates a stately, formal yet bold feeling better suited to a home office or child-free home. Conversely, a lounge colour that matches your walls creates a cosy look and acts as a tool for cohesion among varying elements in the room.

Neutral colours like white and grey are ideal for versatility. Opting for either one allows you to play with various colours around the room while remaining anchored to the lounge’s colour.

Step 3: Choosing the Right Furniture Size

First, you must determine the right balance between the space you have and the number of people you must accommodate. In addition to space, other factors affecting your selection of the right size of leather lounge include:

  • Shape.
  • Intended Use.

Additional Factors to Consider When Buying A Leather Lounge

Real or Faux Leather?

Faux leather benefits from technological advancements that make it difficult to differentiate between synthetic and natural leather. As a result, faux leather lounges are now so popular that even upmarket furniture stores have them in stock.

There are numerous reasons to opt for faux leather, among which are lower prices and a smoother feel. However, the choice between genuine and fake remains entirely up to you and your preferences.

Genuine leather tends to have a more ‘imperfect’ appearance. For example, it isn’t uncommon to have uneven markings and grooves on real leather lounges.


In most cases, the price of leather is a good indicator of its authenticity. While this premise is not always accurate, it holds true most of the time. In instances where there is a discrepancy, and faux leather is more expensive than real, the difference is often a result of mark-ups and price enhancements.


It may seem odd to go around smelling leather furniture, but smell is a viable indicator of authenticity. Genuine leather has a distinctive and appealing scent, while faux leather emits a more characteristic chemical odour.

Read the Label

Purchasing a leather lounge from a reputable store ensures you select only from high-quality stock. Therefore, it is important to research the stores you plan to visit. Customer reviews will give you an idea of the quality and reliability of the products a store provides.

Hopefully, all the information in this article gives you more insight into leather lounges and boosts your confidence that the one you select will be a wise and long-living investment.

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