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What Makes Marble Tiles So Special?

What Makes Marble Tiles So Special? Posted on October 29, 2019Leave a comment

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Over the centuries, marble has been one of the most popular stones used for building some of the most stunning edifices in the world. A metamorphic rock that has a range of stunning colours and veined patterns, marble is usually used for tiles as well as slabs for walls, countertops and floors. However, the best use for marble tiles is for floors.

Why are Marble Tiles So Special?

Here are a few reasons why this natural stone has remained so popular over the millennia.

Style and Beauty

This stone has been used to build palaces and magnificent buildings all over the world because of its pristine beauty. It elevates the appearance of a space, giving it a rich, luxurious look that cannot be replicated by any other material.

Each Tile is Unique

Since marble is a natural stone and not manufactured, each tile that is cut is completely unique. And when you use multi-coloured marble tiles, this uniqueness is shines through. If you wish to have a less extravagant and more uniform look, you can use the more solid-coloured marble tiles. However, the elegance of the space will not be diminished in the slightest and you will still get that luminous glow that defines marble.

Easy to Polish

Unlike other natural stones, marble is easy to polish. So, when you see a floor that has a mirror-like reflection, it is because the marble tiles have been polished to that sheen! This is one of the main reasons why marble has such a royal look.

Heat Conductor

Marble is a cold stone, so in the winter it can be unpleasant walking on marble tiles. The thing is, marble is also an excellent conductor of heat. So, a little bit of radiant heating from under its surface can give this stone a lovely that is completely unexpected, but such a delight.

Keeps Cool

Here’s a contradiction. Despite the fact that marble is a heat conductor, it also keeps cool, even when the weather is really, really hot. So, if you want to stay cool in a hot climate, marble tiles are the perfect way to go. Just don’t install a radiant heating system under the tiles, and you will have perfectly cool tiles even on the hottest days.


Because of its density, marble is very durable (if you don’t believe it, look at those centuries-old buildings all over the world where the marble still looks stunning!). Once you tile a space with marble, you can expect it to last a lifetime and more.

Increases the Value of a Property

When you use marble to tile a floor, the value of the property immediately increases. This is not only because of the luxurious look the stone gives to the floors, but also because it is so durable.

So Why Doesn’t Everyone Use Marble Tiles?

So, if marble tiles are so special, why doesn’t everyone use them? Simple – they are expensive and require a lot of maintenance.

Marble, despite the fact that it is a stone, is quite soft. This means that your marble tiles can get scratched or chipped if not treated with care.

Furthermore, marble is an alkaline stone, which means that if it comes into contact with acids, a chemical reaction takes place. Simply put, you can end up with unsightly acid stains on your stunning marble floors that just won’t go away.

Because of the very unique character of the stone, finding matching tiles can be very difficult, and you can’t really install these tiles on your own – you need a professional to do so.

Marble also needs to be regularly polished and cleaned if it is to maintain its beauty.

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