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When To Hire Property Styling Services

When To Hire Property Styling Services Posted on October 25, 2019Leave a comment

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Initially, property styling was used to increase the selling prices of boutique home and premium properties. It is also an effective method used to beautify luxury homes wherein a stylist can enhance the architectural features of the house. But today, there are other circumstances where property styling is proven to be helpful.

Most of the time, vendors hire property styling services when they are trying to put an empty house on the market. However, homeowners can also hire them to fix cluttered or poorly decorated houses. For instance, you have an old couch, stained tapestries, or unstable chairs and tables that you can’t seem to let go.

A professional home stylist can determine whether you need to dispose of them or not. They know what kind of furniture items will work well with your house and furnishings that don’t fit. They tell you these details to boost the selling price of your home.

But When not to Hire Property Styling Services?

Not all properties need styling services. If you are trying to sell a small, inexpensive property, then it is not worthy to spend on a property stylist. Remember, the services can be expensive. And truth be told, the sales price of a one-bedroom unit, for example, may not be enough to cover for the expenses you have spent on the staging. So if you are a property vendor, be wise enough to know when to hire property styling services.

Our Property Styling Services

As a team of property stylists, we offer styling packages that are friendly to your budget. As you put your trust in us, we ensure that we give our best.

We present functional and appealing staging designs. We collaborate with our clients and help potential buyers visualize what it’s living in your house. We make use of all the living spaces and use them effectively.

We know what to do, and we want to assure that we will take care of everything that needs to be done. From creative design and planning, furniture transport, installation, styling to the removal of furniture and clean up, we got it all covered.

Partial Property Styling

This service is designed for properties that require a little makeover. We can style chosen rooms of your house and make them look more attractive for potential buyers. Depending on the current look of the rooms, we will determine whether it needs indoor plants, colourful artworks, fresh linen, curtains, furnishings, decorative items, or a bit of everything. We can also use some of your standout furniture pieces and match them with our very own available furniture.

Full Property Styling

From the name itself, a full property styling service covers the whole property. We will present you with our design along with our collection of quality furnishings, homewares, and home decorative items, ranging from rugs to placemats and luxury artworks. Our approach ensures your house or property gets set up with the perfect style that matches its architectural features, your target market, current trends, and the vision of the potential new owner.


Everything starts with a consultation, and we offer this service to make sure that we can begin properly. Our consultation covers site visits where we check your house and provide you with suggestions on how to use your existing furnishings the best way. Aside from that, we can also assist you in reorganizing the rooms (if necessary), de-cluttering messy areas, and making your house look attractive to please potential buyers.

We are thrilled to be work with you. If you require staging or one of our styling services for your property, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You can take advantage of our free consultation and quote.


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