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Which Sofa is Best for Your Living Room?

Which Sofa is Best for Your Living Room? Posted on November 11, 2022Leave a comment

Sofa is Best for Your Living Room

Living room spaces are hard to style. However, getting the right furniture pieces solves the bulk of the problem. As a result, living room sofas are a key element in any living space. They not only offer a place to sit but also set the template for the room’s theme.

Different types of sofas are available for living room spaces. However, not all of them are ideal for a particular space. There are several considerations to make before choosing a sofa. Here is a simple guide to buying the perfect sofa for your living room.

Assess the Space

The size of your living room dictates the type of sofa you can have in the space. Your sofa has to match the dimensions and shape of the room. For example, a large sofa is befitting for a large living room. On the other hand, an L-shaped lounge is great for small spaces since it maximises on the available space.

The room’s orientation also influences the lounge selection and placement of other furniture pieces. The standard rectangular or square room can accommodate all types of sofas. However, the stand-alone three and two-seater combinations create more space for movement. Uniquely shaped living rooms require custom lounge placements; however, the stand-alone pieces offer the most versatility.

Pick a Layout

Sofa placement is as important as selection. However, placement follows the overall theme and function of the room. If you want your living room to form a seamless transition into your open kitchen, an L-shaped lounge can do that. On the other hand, if you wish to the lounge to serve as a cozy, isolated space, the closed square placement of the sofas around a centrepiece wall will work well.

Other furniture pieces also influence the layout of the sofas in the room. For example, a coffee table centres the room and often determines the placement of the lounges. A wall unit housing the entertainment centre also guides the orientation of the sofa set. 

The Upholstery

The feel of the lounge boils down to the upholstery. However, picking the right one is difficult. Here are some of the common options.


This is an old favourite for homeowners. Leather lounges look good and feel good. Moreover, they are easy to clean and hold up well over time. Most leather sofas have a stain-resistant finish. However, they are vulnerable to scratches, and some designs crack when humidity increases.

Cotton and Linen

Cotton and linen are tough materials and feel great. However, they are not the best choice for high-traffic rooms like the living room since they stain easily and cleaning is hard.


Wool is an excellent material for living room lounges. It’s durable and easy to clean. The design is also child-friendly and doesn’t wrinkle or peel. However, wool retains a lot of heat and may not be the best material choice for lounges in warm areas.


Velvet is the true representation of luxury. The material looks not only good but also feels great. Contrary to popular belief, velvet is easy to maintain. The velvet lounge can take on as much wear and tear as other materials.

The Finishing

The finish on your lounge is an important piece in the overall interior design of your living room space. The finishes on sofa pieces vary from precious materials to simple crafted wood. They often feature on the arm panel or skirts. Nonetheless, the final design should match the overall theme in your living room. Therefore, if you have a lot of mahogany furniture pieces in the living room, a wooden finish on the sofa can tie everything together. You can also match the finish to the wall paint or flooring. However, keep it subtle. The finish should not override the overall look of the space.

The Price

Ultimately, the choice of the best lounge is limited to your budget. Luckily, there is an option for everyone. Leather and velvet sofas are on the higher end of the price range, while wool and linen are relatively affordable. Finishes also add to the final price tag. Moreover, you can combine different lounge pieces within your budget and have your dream living room. However, be careful since combinations can work well or turn out disastrous.

There is a perfect sofa for your living room space; you only need to go out and find it.

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