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Why are Flat-Roof Garden Sheds So Popular?

Why are Flat-Roof Garden Sheds So Popular? Posted on October 24, 2019Leave a comment

flat roof garden sheds

If you are a gardener, then you know that it takes a lot of tools to create a beautiful garden. However, you also need a place to store all your precious tools, and that’s where gardening sheds are so important. You can store your gardening equipment and a lot of other things safely and securely there.

There are so many different designs for garden sheds today, but there is one that remains one of the most popular – the flat-roof garden shed. Here are some reasons why this style of sheds is such a favourite:

Cost Effectiveness

One of the biggest reasons why flat-roof garden sheds are so popular is their low cost. They are the cheapest of all garden sheds to buy, and repair costs are also low because the design is so simple.

You further save on costs because you don’t need to spruce flat-roof garden sheds with decorative elements such as shingles.

Increasing Property Appeal

Flat-roof garden sheds are also popular because they look good. They are simple designs, come in various materials and colours and can really increase your property’s appeal.

Added to that, since flat-roof garden sheds have, well, flat roofs, many people create a green roof on them. Green roofs are a great way to not only increase the appeal and therefore value of your property, but they are also great natural air conditioners. Your shed will stay warm in winters and cool in summers.

Added to that, for all you avid gardeners who have small spaces, a flat roof shed will give you more space to expand your beautiful garden.

Maximising Interior Headroom

Flat-roof garden sheds have the most headroom space. When you opt for a gable, gambrel, skillion, catslide or pyramidal roofs on your shed, you will not have an even amount of headroom space. There will be parts of the shed that will be lower than others, so you may have to hunch in those areas.

Maximising Storage Space

A flat-roof shed can help you maximise your storage space. Since there is an even height all around and the design of the space is either square or rectangular, it creates a more convenient storing option vis-à-vis other styles of garden sheds. You can use up the entire wall for storage, which is something you cannot do with the sheds that have sloping roofs.

Access and Maintenance

Because of the very design of this type of shed, it is very easy to access the roof and carry out maintenance. When you have sloping roofs, it can get very difficult to maintain them properly, especially when you have to access the top of the roof of your shed.

With a flat-roof shed, you can identify what the problem is easily and get it fixed quickly, which can also save you a lot of money in repair costs.

Easy to Build or Assemble

Flat-roof garden sheds are the easiest of all styles to build or assemble. If you are planning to build your own shed, then this is the simplest style to use. And if you are buying a garden shed that needs to be assembled at home, you don’t need to call in the professionals for help.


If you are looking for a practical and simple garden shed that can also increase the appeal of your property, then the flat-roof garden shed is the perfect choice. The only downside to these sheds is that if it rains or snows heavily then you can see a pile-up on your roof, which can lead to leaks, which is why it is not recommended for use in a place with heavy rainfall or snowfall.


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