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Why Are Metal Roofs So Popular?

Why Are Metal Roofs So Popular? Posted on February 11, 2019Leave a comment

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Explore the reasons behind the increased popularity of metal roofs.

Metals roofs have gained immense popularity among homemakers in the past decades due to its manifold benefits. What are the reasons behind this increase in demand for metal roofs?

Our team decided to jot down the factors involved in the massive admiration of metal roofing and found some interesting points to share with our readers.



Metals roofs are extremely durable. They can withstand all sorts of extreme climate weather. During heavy snowfall, a sliding metal roof prevents accumulation of snow. It is by far the best choice among all roofing materials during a snowstorm.

Same is the case with hot weather. Metal roofs have high thermal emissivity; they reflect the sunlight and can keep your house cooler as compared to other roofs. Metal roofs are great for areas where the winds blow at 140 mph. Not many materials offer this kind of safety in terms of weather conditions.



Moss And Fungus Proof

While other roofs are more susceptible to moss, fungus and mildew growth, you don’t have to worry about that with a metal roof. Moss and fungus can adversely affect the lifespan of a roof and make it look undesirable all at the same time.


House Against Clear Sky


Wild Animal Proof

Wild animals like rats and rodents cause damage to roofs by eating away the material. You’re left with lots of holes and small wild animals looming around in the attic.

A huge benefit for people living in areas where such animal invasions are common is the relief that they can’t cause any damage to a metal roof. The shingles are packed together and no space is left for small animals to wreak havoc on your attic.


Metal Roofs



Metal roofing is the best choice for an area that prone to wildfires. Fire resistance is the most important thing to consider as far as safety is concerned. A combustible material will only further flare up the fire and caused more damage. Metal roofing is preferred by homemakers largely for its fire-resistant quality.


Attractive Styles, Colors And Patterns

Metal roofs offer the most variety of choice in terms of textures, colors, patterns and designs. No other material is that vast in this regard. Metal roofs look attractive and are sturdy at the same time.


Assorted-color House Facade in Park


Metal roofs are kind to the earth. Period. No other material can claim to be environmentally friendly, as all metal roofs are made from recycled material. Plus, metal roofs last as long until you decide to demolish the building on your own. The material is preserved and recycled again, instead of being wasted and thrown away.


Resale Value

Metal roofs offer a one to six percent increased resale value as compared to its counterparts because the metal roof is durable and remain in a good form for decades.Metal roofs can also increase the overall resale value of your house.

That’s one thing you won’t regret spending money on!


The ROI Factor

Sure, there is some cost to getting a roof installed with multiple benefits, but you get a great deal keeping in mind the return of investment. As these roofs are great for extreme weathers, you can save up to forty percent of cooling costs.

Neither do metal roofs require heavy and costly maintenance. With proper care, you won’t have to redo your roof for more than two decades. You save up on renovation, broken shingles, leakage repair and electricity bills.

With such huge benefits, it makes sense why metal roofs are a preferred choice by homemakers. A durable roof that is resistant to fire, moss, fungus, and extreme weather, and also provides a good return on investment is definitely going to be the most popular of choices as compared to other materials. Along with that, metal roofs don’t require hardcore maintenance as compared to that of its peers.

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