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Why Sydney Restaurants Need Reliable Plumbers on Hand

Why Sydney Restaurants Need Reliable Plumbers on Hand Posted on April 20, 2018Leave a comment

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Your half way through the dinner the rush, everything is going smoothly, the customer is happy, the staff are run off their feet, but handling the service department like professionals, the kitchen is running like a well-oiled machine. The sous chef turns on the sink to wash something and to do some prep on the vegetables. Nothing comes out. There is no water. Panic sets and you call around for emergency plumbers only to be told that no one is available until the following day. Slowly, bit by bit, the kitchen turns into chaos, the customers are getting irritable waiting for their food, and the wait staff are copping abuse and in turn are becoming dejected and upset. This scenario happens more frequently than you would think.

The restaurant game is fast paced and high pressure, although the payoff is rewarding. For a restaurant to be successful, all aspects need to be running efficiently and succinctly – and if one department is not, the whole restaurant suffers. That is why it’s important to have a reliable plumber on hand to come at short notice if anything goes wrong. As the saying goes, always be prepared for anything and everything so when that dinner rush happens and something goes wrong you have a plan B, plan C, and plan D.

Plumbing is essential for a restaurant to operate at maximum efficiency. The kitchen can’t operate without a good plumbing system used for food preparation and hygiene. The customer needs clean and operational restroom facilities. Having reliable plumber who is on call whenever and wherever you need them is essential. They should be thought of as one of the team and readily available for those times of crisis.

Professional and reliable plumbers are hard to come by, especially in those late-night times of need, when you’re rushed off your feet tending to your customers. Don’t wait for something to go wrong before contacting your local plumber. Pick up the phone and find someone that will be on call and ready to come and service your plumbing needs at the drop of hat. If you can find a plumbers Sydney with a 24 hr service, that’s a great start.

Although a lot promote themselves as a 24hr service you can almost be guaranteed that not everyone will fulfil this claim and you will be left high and dry in your busiest time of need. It pays to shop around to find a plumber that will deliver the services and will be there asap, so you can keep your restaurant open and be running, to the delight of your staff and guests. It may be a matter of trial and error, you might go through a few plumbers until you find one that is reliable and will be there at the drop of hat.

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But fear not, there are plumbers in Sydney that specialize in plumbing for the restaurant industry and pride themselves on speedy service and often cater no only to your plumbing needs but can fix anything from air condition to all your heating needs. It also pays to maintain a good working relationship with your plumber as they more likely to respond quicker in those times of need, when a burst water pipe is flooding your bathrooms and sending your guest running for the door. This can be done with a simple phone call once a week to check and see how they are. Offer them a free meal perhaps – this will definitely help to create a positive working relationship and ensure everyone on board is happy! Treat them as part of your team. A small gesture goes a long way and after all, plumbing is as crucial to a restaurant as the customers and food itself.

So, in cases when emergency plumbing is required, you will ready and your staff and management will have peace of mind that all bases are covered. Next time your toilet is overflowing in that busy night time rush, there is no need to panic. Pick up the phone to and dial your emergency plumber and if you have built a good working relationship they should be there within minutes to help you in these crisis situations.

A good restauranteur knows the importance of having good staff and suppliers on hand and plumbing is no different. So, when choosing your emergency plumber some considerations must be taken into account.

Ask questions like:What is there average response time? Is it a flat rate or do they have an after-hours call out rate? Most after hours will generally have extra call out fees and are generally more expensive during these times – which is fair enough given the unconventional hours they will be working.

So when looking for your emergency plumbing services shop around, do some trial and error, build a healthy relationship and find one that will service you and keep your restaurant running smoothly.


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