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Why You Need Marble Floor Tiles

Why You Need Marble Floor Tiles Posted on December 19, 2019Leave a comment

Marble Floor Tiles

This is a good-looking and fashionable naturally occurring stone that is used in decorating walls, kitchen countertops, and floorings. Marble is a type of a rock that occurs naturally when its sedimentary form is changed through pressure and temperature to form a hard stone that possesses its striking streaked patterns and colour. Some people confuse the stone with granite, but granite does not undergo metamorphosis like marble rather it forms from volcanic magma. Also, granite has a gravelly pattern, whereas marble has a streaked one. Let us look at some of the reasons you should install marble tiles on the floor.

Easy to Clean

In comparison to other flooring option such as carpets, marble is easier to clean. If you spill a drink on a rug, you are assured of a stain since it absorbs the liquid. Marble, on the other hand, offers an easy surface to clean. You only have to wipe the spillage with a piece of cloth and you are good to go. If you have small children at home, a marble floor is better than having a carpet since the children are fond of spilling liquids and dropping food on the floor. With a marble floor, you do not have to worry about calling in a professional cleaner as you can easily clean it yourself.


Some decks are so fragile that you cannot pull out a chair without cringing. When you install a marble floor, you can pull out your chair or move the table without worrying about damaging the floor. The floors are scratch-free and they can withstand even the sharpest objects. Marble floors are ideal for dense traffic areas in the home such as hallways or the children’s play area.

Increases Home Value

A marble floor, countertop or wall will increase the value of your home on the property market. Marble gives every surface onto which it’s installed, a sophisticated look that other options lack. Marble improves the look of any room and enhances its quality. The glow that comes with marble elucidates the light and creates a more inviting look in the room. You are more likely to seal a deal with a tenant or a buyer if you have marble tiles.

Reduces Allergy

A flooring option such as a carpet is not ideal for people with allergies, especially children who like to spend most of their playtime on the floor. Since it is smooth, marble does not collect pollen, dander, or dust. Any dust that lands on the marble floor is easy to clean and marble does not absorb it.

Can Adapt to a Heat System

Marble conducts heat well; this makes it adaptable to radiant heat systems that are placed below the surface. Radiant heat eliminates cold from a floor, particularly during winter. It conducts heat well making it warm to the feet and the room at large during the cold season. Moreover, during hot days, the floor conducts heat seamlessly away from the room.

Aside from marble floor tiles, you can also install marble walls to give your kitchen or bathroom an elegant and sophisticated look. Marble also enhances the light in a room, regardless of the source. Look for a marble tiles Sydney and enjoy the satisfaction that marble brings. It’s an unmatched look that’s priceless.

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